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Exacta designs, configures and builds fully customised, branded appliances and servers, big or small, for you - right here in the UK. Whether your volume requirement is large or small, we hold your inventory so you free up your cash. We dispatch when and where needed.

Exacta puts you in a position to offer your customers your fully configured and branded servers and appliances featuring your logos and model designation, your packaging and documentation and hardware customisations.

If you're worried that such a detailed level of customisation comes at a price that'll make you less competitive - don't. It's our specialisation and we know how to deliver at the right price.

You may think that volume considerations put you out of the game. Not so. We're delighted to talk to you whether you need one product a month or a thousand or more.

If the idea has its appeal but locking up your cash in inventory doesn't don't worry. You back off the inventory to us. There's nothing on your shelved unless you want it there and we'll ship in any volume direct to your customers under your own supporting documentation.

The Exacta business model is refined. It's thoroughly proven and practiced. It's scalable too. Its offers flexibility that you won't find anywhere else and it all happens in the UK from where its reach is truly international.

Ours is the name behind some of the biggest brands in the business. That's not widely known because much of what we do is on a confidential basis. We'd work that way with you too.

In practical terms, working with us is easy. We maintain technical contacts and commercial ones. That's how we keep your specification stable and up-to-the-minute. That's how we get your product shipped where and when you want it.

That's how Exacta works. We work wonders for your brand. We work wonders for your cash flow. We lift the lid on your real growth potential by taking away all the barriers to progress that conventional supply chains put there.

Let's see what Exacta could do for you...

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