Tailor Your Server or Appliance
To Your Branding and Your Needs

We customise high performance server hardware with your branding to deliver the ultimate out-of-box experience for your customers:

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We Build it

Exacta designs, configures and builds fully customised, branded appliances and servers for demanding workloads. Ultra-fast and scalable architecture. Flexible internal processor speeds and storage. Innovation that is focused on YOU.

We Brand it

It's not our product. It's yours. It reflects your brand. From the product cosmetics to the documentation. The packaging to the delivery note. It's the total, highly differentiated package. We can take it from the ground up. Or work with an established Brand.

We Ship it

In a world where customers have infinite choices, it's important to stand out from the crowd. We ship the ultimate out-of-box experience so your customers become brand ambassadors and keep on buying from you.

Make It Your Own... 

Discover the Best Way to help your Branding Stand Out and Get Noticed to Win More Clients:

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