Exacta in an Intel Platinum Partner and has been for over fifteen years. That puts us and the customers we serve at the leading edge and gives us access to the key technologies we deliver. But that's just one vendor relationship. Exacta is a respected partner industry-wide.


The pace of technological change can be an unsettling thing when you're witnessing it from the outside. When you're as close to your vendor network as Exacta is though, it becomes a driver for growth and development.

Thanks to the relationships Exacta maintains, our customers will never find themselves riding the wrong technology into a dead-end. Exacta keeps its customers and the brands they represent right at the leading edge and positioned to capitalise on the pace of change - not to become a victim of it.

Our vendor network is drawn from companies that are among the biggest names in their businesses. Your business leverages the one point of contact we represent to get you the best solutions set drawn from all the industry offers. Instead of scouring the world, you simply contact Exacta.

Our relationships ensure that we delivery optimally performing hardware that's stable and reliable. We can offer assured availability of prescribed configurations and comfortable notice of impending end-of-life revisions that impact your specifications. If something changes, you'll hear it from us first and not from your customers.

When it comes to developing new products, you have a blank canvas. Exacta puts the industry's best at your fingertips and we can quickly produce prototypes to your design specification for testing and commercial evaluation.

If assured and stable supply is something you like the sound of but you're concerned that it may negatively impact your costs, think again. The scope and depth our our vendor network means we enjoy the kind of volume pricing that's needed to keep prices under tight restraint. The benefits there speak for themselves.

One call to Exacta puts the entire power of our network to work for you. Or why not ask us to get in touch with you today?

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